13 November, 2017

These People Will Give 25 Lakh Rupees Advance To Buy The HouseABP Asmita

These people will give 25 lakh rupees advance to buy the house
ABP Asmita

New Delhi: There is good news for central employees planning to buy a new home. The government will now advise central employees up to Rs 25 lakh to build or buy a new house. For this, the employee will have to pay 8.5% interest. Prior to the purchase of a new home, the maximum amount received was 7.5 lakh rupees. While interest was taken 9.5% on it. In this case, the dependence of bank loans on employees will be reduced.
A senior official of the Urban Development Ministry said that for the last 20 years, Rs. 25 lakhs in advance would save Rs. 11 lakhs as compared to other companies. Explaining the details, he clarified, "If 25 lakh loans are taken from a bank like SBI for 20 years, monthly installments of Rs. 21,459 are available from 8.35% Chakra interest rate."
The total amount paid by the end of 20 years is 51.50 lakh. It also includes 26.50 lakhs of interest. While housing building advance has been paid for a 15 year advance, it has to pay a total of 40.84 lakhs, with an interest of 25 lakhs. Which includes 15.84 lakhs of interest. Another important thing is that if a couple is a Central Government employee, then they can take advantage of this Advance Plan either separately or together.


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